Regional Policy Institute (RPI)

Is an independent think tank, which studies the problems of the industrial regions of eastern Ukraine, primarily Donbas, and contributes to their solution.

One of the main tasks of the institute is to create a dialogue platform that would unite everyone who is interested in regional development. Our work should fill the lack of reliable and high-quality information from the regions, improve the reflection of the point of view of Donbass and the whole Eastern Ukraine at the national level.

What we do


We conduct research on the most important topics for the region. Being in constant contact with regional leaders, we get first-hand information. The research results contain practical recommendations addressed to decision makers. We try to show the whole range of opinions in order to take into account the diversity of positions within, without giving preference to people according to ideology or belonging to political forces.

According to the results of the analysis, we hold events where the results are presented for discussion. Proactive public work us an opportunity to make sensitive topics media-visible, shaping the agenda.


Our recommendations should reach those who influence real life. We communicate with politicians and authorities at different levels, public organizations in order to involve them in the process of problem solving. Active participation in the media sphere gives us the opportunity to focus public attention on what we consider important.


We are engaged in the education of new leaders for the region. We hold events to raise awareness on key topics. Our employees have the opportunity to study at work, expanding their knowledge of the real problems of the region. We also provide internship opportunities in our organization for students.

Key features

Regional Policy Institute is a combination of a research center, dialogue platform and advocacy group.

In recent years, thinks tanks have flourished in Ukraine, but we have three key features that distinguish the RPI from the rest.


First of all, this is a think tank from the Donbass, and not from the capital. It is important for us to show a regional perspective on problems. We know the context of industrial areas well. Due to close cooperation with local authorities and business, RPI has relevant first-hand data.


Secondly, our research is applied, not academic. Analytics and recommendations should be interesting to people who make decisions. Each study should end not just a report, but a set of recommendations for improving the situation.


Third, we pay equal attention to analytics and to promotion of our recommendations. Due to active work with politicians, authorities and the public, we should be able to promote our recommendations and bring them to execution.

Our mission

To provide intellectual support for the development of industrial regions of Ukraine. Looking for an effective model of relations between the Center and the regions. Raise the culture of political dialogue in the country. Facilitate a political, compromise-based settlement of the conflict in the Donbas.

How we work

Rigorous research - it is extremely important for us to offer a high-level analysis made with understanding of the regional context


We are an organization with our own ideology and philosophy, but are not affiliated with any political party and do not directly participate in politics.

Inclusiveness and openness

It is very important for us to give the right to speak to anyone who has something to say. We are aimed at reflecting the whole range of opinions in society and are ready for dialogue with any people and organizations that are determined to find constructive solutions.

Voice of the Regions

We communicate with local leaders to let them talk about their concerns and convey their opinions to the whole country and our international partners.

Social impact – the results of our work should be reflected in real changes for the better life of people. Our research and recommendations are practical in nature and can be used by interested actors as a guide to action.

Our goals

To propose and promote ideas that improve the quality of life of the people in the regions.

To help build trusted and collaborative relations between regions and the center, based on mutual respect for the uniqueness of different territories and their specific needs

Provide first-hand quality data, be the voice of the region at the national level

Promote the search for a solution to the conflict in the Donbass

Educate new regional leaders


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