What makes us different

Regional Policy Institute (RPI) is an independent think tank created following by leading western practices of research organizations. We focus on development of industrial regions of eastern Ukraine because we come from this region.
We understand the problems and needs here.

Voice of Eastern Ukraine

Our key feature is the regional view of the social, political and economic processes taking place in Ukraine.

Practical analytics

Our research does not end with the diagnosis of problems. We recommend how to improve the situation.

Strong focus on advocacy

Just giving advice is not enough. We actively promote our ideas in the public sphere and at the political level.

Our mission

To provide intellectual support for the development of industrial regions of Ukraine. Looking for an effective model of relations between the Center and the regions. Raise the culture of political dialogue in the country. Facilitate a political, compromise-based settlement of the conflict in the Donbas.

Board of Trustees

The Regional Policy Institute works because of support and guidance from wise and caring people who are members of the Board of Trustees of the organization.

Aleksandr Lukyanchenko

Mayor of the Donetsk city from 2002 until 2014

Andrey Kulikov

Famous Ukrainian journalist, co-founder of Hromadske radio


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